ČeskyRules Last Will - expansion "Occupation"

Rules for basic game are here


In this expansion, every player is employed. Uncle had made a wish in secret apendix that his heir have to not even spend all of his money but also not to have an income. The best way is to be fired from the job, which must be done conspiciously if you dont want sanctions from your employer (broken leg etc.). Gradual misdemeanours (to be catched during work hours being on horse racing, buying a villa house, relaxing on a boat...) that make employer angry not more than once a day are safe but quite quick way to be unemployed. Misdemeanours had also an advantage that your income is lowered after every one of them.

10 double sided charts

Additive space for errand boys „labour inciscipline“:
Serves for provoke one misdemeanour in a job

Setting up the game:
Ramdomly draw one Last will card. If value of a heritage should be70 – 90 pounds, every player gets a job chart with 4 lines and takes 20 pounds less. If value of a heritage should be 100 – 130 pounds, every players gets a job chart with 5 lines and takes 40 pounds less. Place the Additive space next to main game board – one for 2 – 4 players, two for 5 players.

Game course:
The goal of a player is to cover all of the lines on the job chart. Players lowers their incomes this way. Each round before phase 2. Planning each player gets income according to job chart – sum of numbers in coins of uncovered lines.

Covering a line:
Each round player can cover only one line by doing one of these:

  • Player plays black card with relevant symbol on its player board
  • Player plays a white card with relevant symbol
  • Player sell its properties
  • Player place an errand boy to the Opera space
  • Player place an errand boy to the „labour indiscipline“ space.

By placing an errand boy to this space, player can cover any line of his choice. „labour indiscipline“ space is only for one player each turn.

Game variants of Occupation:
When playing a job chart where is symbol in every line, player can cover one line each turn. When all of the line are covered, player doesn't have any addtional income. When playing a job chart where is one of the line withour symbol, player can cover one line each turn with exception of a line wothout symbol. This one is covered next turn after turn when is covered last line with a symbol on it.

The end of the game:
Game ends with the same conditions as in basic game. If any player still has an occupation at the end of the game, this player gets an income once, which he will add to his score. This income doesnt have an influence to the enfing of the game. After adding an income the winner is determined.

New buildings

  • Estate which has round symbol of an animal on the first line gets this animal automaticaly by playing relevant card. (for example card 16)
  • Estate which has depicted additional action next to the animal could be played for two action at once and gets relevant animal without playing a card. Player dont have to use this additional action, but next playing of the animal must be with a card. (card 14)
  • Estate or building which has in one line that there is a possibility of placing dog/horse or cook/lady can choose what to place (card 3)
  • Two colors property could be buy or sell as any of these colours, also could be combined with a gardener of any of these colour (card 11)
  • Property which has cooker of lady on the right side can depreciate two times in a one round (card 1)
  • Estate could depreciate even when it was maitained during this turn

New actions

Actions are placed in order random side up.